The Waxing Menace offers a safe, discrete and professional service.

We operate from a very discrete and comfortable studio where your health, Safety, and Comfort are paramount.

We use high-end wax products and all equipment for your treatments is fully disposable.

We are also Eco friendly where possible and operate with fully bio-degradable single-use couch covers, towels, and modesty covers.

We do not double-dip our wax and all of our hard surfaces are sanitized regularly.

Any non-single use equipment is sterile ahead of each treatment.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Waxing is a form of hair removal, longer lasting than using hair removal creams or razors.

The Waxing Menace uses a combination of high-end strip waxes (for larger areas) and hot waxes (for smaller areas). The wax is warmed in a Hive wax heater and then a thin layer is applied using single-use small wooden spatulas (no double-dipping here)…. A paper strip is then gently pressed onto the wax and removed quickly – leaving the skin clean and fresh.

Our non-strip wax is applied on the more sensitive areas, the same way using a thicker layer of wax, allowed to harden for a few seconds and then the wax is removed. Leaving an ACE result every time.

Exactly what is involved?

No secrets here…. This is how we ACE it….

Cleanse   We ensure that the skin is freshly clean and that the hair we are am about to remove is free from natural oils so the wax gets a good grip.

Barrier We then use a light oil to prevent the wax from sticking to your skin.

Wax on we check the temperature is comfortable for you and then work systematically in the desired areas. Using a combination of hot wax and hard wax.

Strip? If using hot wax, a strip is firmly rubbed on.

Wax off (strip,) and hair! Speed is our friend here.

The pressure I will then apply gentle pressure on the area skin to soothe for a couple of seconds…

Oil A small layer is used to remove any traces of wax.

Cleanse One last time!

Lotion To cool and cleanse and soothe.. and done!

The wax products need at least 1cm of hair to grip onto. If your hair is longer then this please don’t shave or clipper beforehand we will ACE it for you.

Everyone’s pain thresholds are different. Like having a plaster removed, it is uncomfortable, but only for a brief moment. The Waxing Menace will ensure to minimise any instant discomfort.

A big bonus to waxing is that the more you do it – the less it hurts!

On a final note, If you are really concerned, then an anti-inflammatory painkiller taken one hour before your appointment is a good idea.

The Waxing Menace offers a professional service for hair removal only, and in the unlikely event that this happens to you – “Don’t Panic!” we will ignore it and carry on. There’s no need for embarrassment, if it happens, it will soon pass when the waxing begins anyway….

Allow 5 minutes for an initial consultation if this is your 1st visit and a few minutes for your aftercare advice…

Depending on your desired treatment here is a rough guide.

Face waxing 15-20 minutes

Back or chest 20 – 30 minutes

Full leg wax 40 – 60 minutes

Intimate wax Up to 45 minutes

A minimum of three weeks hair re growth but for best results please allow 4-6 weeks.

There are few conditions that The Waxing Menace needs to be aware of ahead of a treatment and you will be asked to sign this form during the initial consultation.

You can download the consultation form here.

This is only needed if you have any known allergies or skin sensitivities. If you have any known skin sensitivities The Waxing Menace would advise a patch test 24- 48 hours, prior to your booked treatment. The test will only take a few minutes and is completely free of charge.

Please allow at least 3 days in order to keep your skin cool and clean. Please download our aftercare advice leaflet.

Yes, we have recently introduced a waxing service for your Queen of Hearts. For information please click on this link… queen of hearts price list booking is available online.

Fully Trained, Insured & Certified.

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